BRESOV Partners at a Glance



Vegenov is a non-profit organisation, specialised in applied research which offers services to plant companies (e.g. breeding and seed companies, agrochemists and growers. Vegenov's key competences (cellular and molecular biology, microbiology and agronomic experiments and sensory and nutritional analyses) enable the center to meet three research and development objectives: supporting companies in their plant breeding programmes, optimising plant protection and nutrition systems and improving the quality of plant products.

Role of Vegenov in BRESOV

In the BRESOV project, Vegenov will lead the WP4 (High quality organic seed production activities) which is dedicated to the determination of the optimised conditions and tools to maximise the production of high quality organic seeds (seed-borne disease free and high genetic purity) in tomato, snap bean and brassica. Vegenov will also take part in pre-breeding and breeding plants trials (with high quality genotyping and phenotyping on tomato) and in organoleptic tests on tomato.