BRESOV Partners at a Glance

Crop Research Institute

Czech Republic

The Crop Research Institute (CRI) Prague-Ruzyne, having smaller research centres across the country, conducts basic and applied research, ranging from traditional studies of genetics, plant breeding and nutrition, agroecology, plant health, to the fast-developing fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, food and feed safety, and the use of biowastes and biomass for energy production. Special attention is paid the maintenance and utilisation of genetic resources supported by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.

Role of Crop Research Institute in BRESOV

Within BRESOV, the group is involved in Brassica testing together with colleagues from the Center of Hana region in Olomouc, especially the Genebank of vegetable culinary and aromatic species. VURV will also be involved in marker development, for best breeding material verification, validation and application.