BRESOV at Euroseeds Congress 2020

More than 400 participants attended the Euroseeds Congress on 11-13 October, marking a success for this first fully-fledged virtual experience. The congress featured an exhibition hall, a trade area, a networking lounge and most of all insightful presentations and panel discussions on many priorities topics for the seed sector in Europe.

“The EU Green Deal and its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies: can plant breeding and seed innovation deliver?” was the common theme that brought together different discussions. Plenty of experts came together on the virtual platform to look at all the aspects that will be decisive for the ability of the plant breeding and seed innovation sector to successfully contribute to a truly sustainable Green Deal.

The BRESOV project was presented during the Vegetable section meeting at the virtual congress, specifically attended by stakeholders in organic breeding and seed business. The aim was to raise the involvement of stakeholders and to communicate first outcomes of experiments on increasing seed yield and seed health to organic seed producers. In addition, the BRESOV sister projects LIVESEED and ECOBREED were introduced during the meeting. Also the results of the questionnaire on the sector consultation (EERs) regarding exploitation activities were presented. It was also planned to provide a poster with key outcomes of the first experiments on the effect of plant density on seed production in tomatoes, snap bean and brassica, in case of face-to-face meeting. Nevertheless a poster with information on BRESOV was available from the digital Euroseeds booth.

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