BRESOV partner strengthens research collaborations in Africa

BRESOV team member Peter Walley from the University of Liverpool has participated in a workshop on Improving food security and nutrition in Kenya that aims at strengthening Indigenous Leafy Vegetables research and innovation capacity. The four day workshop was held in Nyeri, Kenya on 10-13 September 2018 under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Utafiti Fund, the British Council and the Kenyan National Research Fund.

During the event, Peter Walley gave a talk on “Crop wild relatives and indigenous leaf vegetables: pathways to crop improvement.” A lot of the rural agricultural practices in Kenya align with principals of sustainable organic agriculture. Often, there is reduced or no access to chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertiliser and a reliance on the selection of locally adapted varieties, the adoption of intercropping and low tillage systems.

The workshop particularly targeted early career researchers and allowed them to present their work and discuss this with established researchers. The event provided a unique opportunity for sharing expertise and networking and focused on building up links for future collaborations

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