Open for Submission! Special issue Sustainability Breeding and Seed Sector Innovations for Organic Food Systems

The special issue "Breeding and Seed Sector Innovations for Organic Food Systems" of the journal “Sustainability” is open for submission. For more information please follow the link below. You can immediately start to submit your paper. Submission is open until the end of 2021, but please try to publish as soon as possible.

Paper submission is not only open to EUCARPIA participants, LIVESEED, BRESOV or ECOBREED partners, but to all authors who work in this field. The Special Issue will embrace papers with special focus on the fast-growing organic sector, which cover topics such as exploring plant genetic resources, breeding for diversity, breeding for culinary and nutritional quality, soil–plant interactions, seed microbiome, organic seed production, organic seed health, seed treatments, socio-economic analysis of organic seed systems, systems-based breeding, market and consumer aspects, as well as regulatory and policy recommendations related to organic seed and plant breeding and transition towards sustainable food production.

Please follow the link: A special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050). This special issue belongs to the section "Sustainable Food".

We are looking forward to receive many papers to highlight the results of the different organic seed and breeding projects and showcase the broad range of innovations from and for the organic sector.

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